The OVERALL festival, sponsored through the initiative and support of the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, and in conjunction with the Jerusalem Municipality will take place at the Tower of David Museum July 17-20.
The festival is under the artistic director of Shelly Satat-Kombor and Shachar Atwan and will be filled with fun events and exhibits. Special events include a Closet-X seminar on July 18th, and a bazaar filled with a multitude of artists and designers on July 19th. There also will be inspiring and creative fashion tours between July 18-20 titled On the Seam throughout Jerusalem.

One of the main attractions of the festival is the Collective, which is a fashion and accessory design lab in Israel featuring a group of seven young and promising designers. These designers are Yotam Bahat, a Goldsmith and Shenkar College graduate, Rotem Gur, a Bezalel Academy graduate and the founder of the VAS shoe brand, Aharon Genish a designer and WIZO Haifa graduate, Moriel Dezaldeti a textile designer a Shenkar College graduate, and a Pais Fashion incubator scholarship recipient, Shady Francis Majlaton, a designer, and Bezalel Academy graduate, Shlomit Amar, a designer and a WIZO Haifa graduate, and Aner Shevah, a men’s clothing designer and Bezalel Academy graduate.
Besides, the collective there will be dozens of designers featuring their works at the festival both from Israel. They will be presenting their works during the lectures, workshops, and various other events as well.

* With the exception of the Closet X Seminar and the Tours, Admission to Overall is free – no need to order advance tickets.

לכל הסיורים אנג לתכנייה המלאה אנג

Tuesday  |  July 16  |  7:30 pm

End of the year event, Department of Jewelry and Fashion, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem

July 17 and July 18  |  7:30 pm to midnight

photo: Ricky Rachman

What is contemporary fashion culture?

  • A look at the design studio, OVERALL Collective, and dozens of designers, exhibits and live performances in a night of full-color fashion in the citadel’s courtyards.
  • Performances – Wednesday, Esther Rada at 9:00 pm; Thursday, A-Wa at 9:30 pm
  • Among the exhibitors:
  • Inspiration Board | zot.zot
  • The Met Gala | Yair Moss
  • A Bit of Thread |Talya Tomer
  • Digital Craft | Ganit Goldstein
  • Sofia’s Choice |Wednesday, 19:30 pm – Miri Ashur Zuta and Dr. Gal Ventura
  • Instagram Kosher Le’Mehadrin – Panel of women bloggers |Wednesday, 20:30, 22:00
  • Master Class – Design in 3D – Eden Saadon | Thursday, 21:00 / 22:30
  • Dizzy | Gil Yehoshua Dreyfus, Performers: Ora Bilha, Noor Bilha, Irit Zoref, Deganit Bentalek and Roni Perchik
  • Objectivity | Danni Kinreich – Guided Viewing on Wednesday and Thursday at 23:00
  • Detail within a Series | Roni Hajaj – Assembly Tongue -Please bring a clean article of 100% cotton clothing (shirt, pants, scarf, dress, skirt)
  • Portfolio – Shiry Vered
  • CROSS – Joanna Russ, Jacqueline Viso and Isha – 20:30 , 22:00, 23:00
  • Interwoven Thread | Shlomit Yaakov – Performers:  Livnat Cohen, Roi Mus Singer, May Barzilay, Amir May Tal, Raz Rosenbluh, Yve Gesser
  • The Catwalk – final project Bezalel |Yair Moss
  • O/C – OVERALL Collective
    Yotam Bahat – Jeweler, Shenkar graduate
    Rotem Gur – Bezalel graduate, owner of the brand Vas
    Aharon Genish – Designer, WIZO Haifa graduate
    Moriel Dezaldeti – Textile designer, Shenkar graduate, Payis incubator scholarship recipient
    Shady Majlaton – Designer, Bezalel graduate
    Shlomit Amar – Designer, WIZO Haifa graduate
    Aner Shevah – Men’s clothing designer, Bezalel graduate, Payis incubator scholarship recipient
    Collective – the Magazine | Photographer: Idan Ben Simon. Makeup Artist: Rosa Shvartzman. Stylist: Noa Nuzhik
    Human Embroidery | Widad Othman and Shafika Abu Tir, Naila Devash, Sapa Reshek, Sena Abu Tir, Raida Abu Tir
    The public may bring fabrics, clothes or bags in order to embroider them.
    Life in Collage | Noa Yafe
    EtcasiART | Dori Shushan
    The Mamluk | Adi Yair and Shlomit Yaakov
    Other Skies | Gili Avissar

Thursday  |  July 18  |  10:00 - 14:30

Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

Seminar Closet-X | Here and Now*
Conversations on Fashion, Sustainability and Communal Responsibility
Moderators:  Michal Levi Arbel and Atnyel Guedj

Pre-registration  |  50 NIS  |  Tickcet Here >>

10:00  |  Reception and Opening

10:30  |  Closet-X – the Myths

  • Ten startling facts about the fashion and accessory industry  |  Atnyel Guedj
  • Idolatry: Shopping, salvation and the mystic power of fashion designers  |  Liroy Shoufan
  • No one wants our used clothing!  |  Michal Levi Arbel
  • Trends and pressures in the world of fashion and accessories  |  Natali Itzhakov

11:45  |  Break

12:00  |  Closet-X – Challenges
Panel members:  Shelly Satat-Kombor – Couplof; Tsafra Perlmutter – CO.CO; Yael Shenberger – ATA; Daniella Zegman – Ministry of Environmental Protection; Miri Ashur Zuta – Sofia Boutique; Gabriela Shpigelman – H&M

13:00  |  Closet-X – Answers

  • Principles of the Circular Economy | Yamit Naftali, Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research
  • The Impact of a Neighbor: Ecological and Social Brands | Tsafra Perlmutter, CO.CO
  • The Role of a Designer in a Changing Reality | Maya Arazi, lecturer at Shenkar, and owner of the brand Lev

13:45  |  Closet-X – The Future

Friday  |  July 19  |  10:00 – 16:00

Photo: Roni Hajaj


Friday Morning Celebration
Design bazaar, music, performances and surprises

The best of Israeli designers in a morning of accessories, shoes, and beautiful clothing

Shai Tsabari Trio at Herod’s Pub.

Fashion Tours Inspired and Created in Jerusalem: July 18, 19, 20


Quiet! Photographing Tour. Photo: Itay Nadav

Thursday  |  July 18

Friday  |  July 19

Saturday  |  July 20

Pre-registration  |  30 NIS  |  In Hebrew unless specified