The Rebbetzin from Brisk (*Tour in Hebrew)

Friday | November 15 | 09:00

Tour Series Focusing on the People Who Made History in Jerusalemקו מקווקו

The tour will follow in the footsteps of the Rabbanit Sarah Sonia Diskin well known as “The Rebbitzin of Brisk”, an educated and charismatic woman who held a prominent and influential stand in the local Yishuv leadership in Jerusalem. She founded charitable and social welfare institutions in the city at the end of the 19th century, including the Diskin Orphanage and Ohel Moshe Yeshiva. Her work established her as an influential figure at the time and left behind a significant footprint on city life in Jerusalem.

The tour visits Christ Church and traces the missionary activities in Jerusalem of the 19th century with the arrival of the European powers, and continues to the ‘Ashkenazi Courtyard’ – which was the undisputed center of the Old Yishuv. From there we will walk to the first location of the Lamel School, which was a symbol of modern education in Jerusalem at the time. The tour will conclude at the location of the Diskin Court, the house and center of activities for the Rebbetzin from Brisk and her husband, Rabbi Diskin.

Guide:  Pinchas Abramowitz

Duration of the Tour: Three hours

Price: 90 NIS / 80 NIS

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  • Tour in Hebrew