The King’s New Jesters

Purim Activity for Families
Tuesday, March 10 | Wednesday, March 11 פורים4The King of the Citadel is looking for new court jesters. A royal decree has been sent to cities, towns, kibbutzim and villages across Israel and, yet, the clown has not been found who can succeed in making the king laugh.
At the Tower of David, we have decided to come to the King’s aid and we are opening a quick course for training court jesters, that includes meeting veteran royal clowns, and taking part in different workshops – clowning, juggling, face masks and more. Additionally, participants will watch a short comedy performance of the Israeli Scapino duo – in the Italian Dell’Arte style. Those who participate in the course are sure to succeed; and at the end, after a comic meeting with the king, the participants will become official court jesters of the citadel.


Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Price Per Participants: 35₪

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Family tickets available for 150 NIS with advance registration through the reservations center *2884
Suitable for children between ages 5-10 accompanied by their families.

*The activity is in HebrewפוריםDell’Arte Comedy – Comedy from the Italian Renaissance presented by professional comedians. The comedy is based on improvisation during the performance, drawing from a fixed plot and known stock characters such as the servant Arlecchino; Pantalone, the rich miser; Il Capitano, the soldier who pretends to be brave; Brighella, the villain; Pulcinella, the sly; and Pedrolino, the simpleton. Each character has his own body language and mask. Dell’Arte Comedy combines different, varied motifs from different historical periods from as far back as ancient Rome, and includes carnival of masks from Venice.
The Israeli Scapino Pair performs and presents historical comedy to the audience stemming from a great love of historical comedy, and incorporates masks, familiar figures, audience participation and a healthy dose of humor.