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What is there to see at the Museum?

The entrance fee to the Tower of David includes an audio-guide in Hebrew or English at no additional cost. The audio-guide includes 2 self-guided tours:

“Jerusalem – a Bird’s Eye View”
This new self-guided audio tour examines the models of Jerusalem through the ages that represent the timeline of Jerusalem. In the open air and the wide spaces of the Citadel’s courtyard, the visitor is invited to gain a new perspective on Jerusalem and discover how the city changed over time. The tour includes unique historical models of Jerusalem, showing the changes in the city over thousands of years. The tour also includes interesting archaeological finds from excavations in the Citadel from different periods throughout Jerusalem’s history. The archaeological remains and the detailed models complement one another and tell the story of the development of the city through 3,000 years.

“Secrets of Herod’s Palace and the Kishle”
Our revamped tour invites the visitor on an exciting journey through the city’s past – to the major events and stories which changed history; a journey which starts in the Tower of David complex and continues to the moat and the Kishle. In 1999, the Israel Antiquity Authority conducted an extensive archaeological excavation in the Kishle that uncovered the secrets of the city from the days of the First Temple until modern times; this area is now open for the first time to independent visitors. The tour passes through remains of Herod’s royal palace, to Jewish dying vats from the Middle Ages, and finally to a prison in the Kishle, and includes rare finds, stories and exciting testimonies. The weave of stories and evidence presents a timeline of events and occurrences in the Old City through 3,000 years of history.