The Purim Race is back!

Tasks, puzzles and challenges are great activities for the whole family


Sunday-Monday, 12-13/3  I  10:00-16:00  I  Hebrew

A family game throughout the festive, colorful streets of the city that combines knowledge, challenges and lots of fun!

The game begins in the Museum of Italian Jewish Art where you will get a riddle that will lead you to the next stop in the city’s squares, alleyways and streets. In each of the different stops, you will find actors and creators/artists that will guide you in your mission, and if you succeed – they will give you your next riddle to lead you to the next task!

Do you think you can complete all of the tasks in the shortest time? Come win the race!

Starting point is in the Museum of Italian Jewish Art, 27 Hillel Street, Jerusalem.

Races will start throughout the day

  • The first starting at 10:00
  • The last one at 14:00

Price: 30 NIS per adult/accompanying adult 18 years old and up

Pre-registration is required *2884 or book on line!

Don’t miss our costume competition; the best costumes will win a prize!

  • A ticket to the Light Show for participants – only 40 NIS

Online Tickets

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