Forgiveness and Prayers Selichot tours

A unique nighttime experience in the Tower of David and the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter, right before the High Holidays in Jerusalem. We will discuss the Jewish customs, the food, prayers and poems marking the days of Selichot and the High Holidays throughout different periods of times in the city.

September.10, 19, 25 | Price: 50 per tickets | At: 22:00 

The tour will begin with a breathtaking observation view from the top of Phasael Tower in the Tower of David, where you can see the entire city of Jerusalem.

We will enter the Kishle, the building that was used as a detention center in the past, and where recent archeological excavations have revealed findings from all periods of time in Jerusalem, and hear about Yom Kippur and the custom of blowing the Shofar.

We will go out to the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter, where we will learn about the traditions of Selichot in our days, and experience in the feeling of the month of Elul in Jerusalem.

The tour will end at the Western Wall in time for the Selichot Prayer.

  • Hot drinks and refreshments included.
  • Tour duration is two hours.
Online tickets

You can buy a combination ticket of a Slichot tour with the Night Spectacular for an additional 40 NIS