Sigd Holiday

Journey of Longing for Zion

Thursday, November I Doors open at 7:00 pm 

Fifty days after Yom Kippur, the members of the Ethiopian Jewish community mark the renewal of the bond between God and man.

The Sigd holiday is a day of fasting, purification and renewal which marks the end of the long, arduous journey to Zion. Together with the “Open Holidays” festival and BINA Secular Yeshiva we welcome you to join us for an evening of celebrating the journey, its sounds and the symbol of the migrating stork which passed overhead from Ethiopia to Israel.

The journey combines learning about the customs of the holiday and their significance, participation in the ceremonies of the unique holiday and the traditional coffee ceremony, with the participation of Kessim of the community opposite the the incredible view from the observation point of the Phasael Tower. And for dessert, a quality, ethnic musical performance by Gili Yalo, one of the leading prominent voices in the Ethiopian community and his choir.

  • Ticket price: 30 NIS

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In prior years, the Sigd holiday has enjoyed a revival which has spread to the wider community. This is a day of fasting, purification and renewal and at its center, the ceremony of renewing the bond between the people and God, which includes reading texts from the Matsahaf Qados (the Holy Scripture) of the Ethiopian Jews, blessings and prayers for redemption. The ceremony takes place on the top of a high mountain as a symbolic representation of Mt. Sinai, and is led by priests of the community. The inspiration for the traditions of the holiday are taken from a similar ceremony described in the Bible, which was carried out by Ezra and Nehemiah in the days of the Return to Zion, as part of the longing for Zion.

  • In conjunction with the Tower of David Museum, the BINA Secular Yeshiva, the Open Holidays project, and the Jerusalem Foundation.