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Zombies, Brad Pitt, and Haunted House

The Less-Known History of the Tower of David There is no more obvious symbol of Jerusalem than the Tower of David Museum. If you want to look at Jerusalem, hang up a picture of the Tower of David. The tower can be seen from afar (to be exact, what one sees from afar is the minaret, the tall tower which was part of the mosque in the time of the Abbasid period). The tower remains etched in the memories of all who enter the Jaffa Gate. The Tower of David is so much associated with the city of...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, History Returns!

Just about everyone who ruled Jerusalem throughout history came here – to the Tower of David. It’s a matter of routine for us to be surrounded by archaeological remains dating to the times of the Hasmoneans, Romans, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Ottomans,...