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100 Years Later – A Golden Ring Returns to Jerusalem

Writen by: Community Writers

A few weeks ago, we opened our newest exhibition, A General and A Gentleman:  Allenby at the Gates of Jerusalem with a festive celebration that marked exactly 100 years since the entrance of General Allenby into the Old City of Jerusalem.

Allenby at the gates

At the opening, we met a wonderful and unique lady named Audrey Campbell.

Audrey is a history enthusiast from Canada who likes to browse the internet in search of historical items that are offered and sold in special forums and auctions.

In one of her browsing sessions she came across a golden ring engraved with the words “Conquest of Jerusalem 9 XII 17”. Audrey saw it and knew it was a souvenir marking the British conquest of Jerusalem on December 9, 1917.

Audrey knew how important this dramatic historical event was, and as a lover of Jerusalem and Israel, she couldn’t resist the chance to own the ring! So she bought it.

The golden ring

But that wasn’t enough! Curiosity and passion motivated her to come all the way out to the Holy Land to see firsthand the history she holds so near-and-dear.

After having a great time here at the museum and at the exhibition grand opening, Audrey donated the ring to the museum saying that it felt like the right thing to do. The ring is now part of the Tower of David collection.

Audrey also asked for our help in finding other people with rings like this in the effort to find out the origins of those golden rings.

Were they worn by British soldiers? Maybe by officers?  Have you ever seen this kind of ring before? Do you know anyone wearing or possessing one?  Both the Museum and Audrey would love more information.

And of course, stop by to see the exhibition – there are lots of other interesting items to see.

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