Jerusalem in the Days of the Mandate

A guided tour through two exhibitions to take you back to the days of the British Mandate

This guided tour is included in the museum admission fee I Length: 2 hours

General Allenby stood at the gates of the Tower of David, in December 1917, and publicly declared the beginning of British rule in Jerusalem. Under British authority, the ancient citadel of Jerusalem received a face-lift, and from a military fortress, it became an urban cultural center. “The Pro-Jerusalem Society” – a public body founded by Sir Ronald Storrs, the first military governor of Jerusalem, was at the center of activity in the citadel with the declared purpose of “renovating and preserving the historical traditions of the city, encouraging the arts and artists and supporting local artisans”. Under the auspices of the society, the citadel sponsored archaeological digs and preservation and renovation works on the citadel itself. Very quickly, the Tower of David Citadel hosted concerts, fairs, and exhibits under the patronage of the British government.

In order to uniquely experience Jerusalem in the days when the city became a center of European spirit and culture, we will visit 2 exhibits which focus on this new era.

The tour starts in the exhibition, “A General and a Gentleman – Allenby at the Gates of Jerusalem”, which showcases the dramatic week in the history of Jerusalem when Allenby declared the release of the city from the grip of the Ottomans and which will examine the original display items from those fateful days.

The tour continues with a visit to the exhibit, “London in Jerusalem”, to directly experience the European cultural milieu of Jerusalem. The visit exposes the cultural mosaic of the city and discusses the social, national, and security tensions which were part and parcel of Jerusalem during the Mandate.

Tours in English:

  • Thursday at 13:00

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Tours in Hebrew:

  • Tuesday at 13:00

  • Friday at 9:30

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