ZERO ONE Digital Art Festival

November 27-28

ZERO ONE is a digital art festival exploring the connections between human creativity and technology, centering on connections between light and sound, ancient and futuristic, real and virtual.

קו מקווקו לאפס אחד

We invite you to roam the audio and visual exhibits and performances located around the citadel yard. The Festival highlights digital works of art alongside panels and lectures (in Hebrew) on burning issues in digital culture and its manifestations in Jerusalem – memory and forgetfulness, religion and technology, and the ability to comprehend and accept an infinitely documented world while forgiving it’s injustices.
The festival offers an in-depth look at the human experience in the digital age, by looking at the hidden forces that wield it, at the very spot where zero and one meet.

The Festival brings together some of the most influential digital artists in the world today, both local and from overseas. Digital Arts use breakthrough technologies and traditional mediums to create a multifaceted art experience. Through code-based music tools, artificial intelligence, 3D scanning (Photogrammetry), digital processing, learning algorithms and more. For two nights only, the stones and remnants of the ancient citadel will turn into a backdrop and indeed an integral part of these incredible contemporary works of art and performances.

Ticket Price: 120 ₪
Student/IDF/Senior Citizen (Israeli): 85 ₪

*Combined tickets for both nights are available only by phone order – *2884:

Early Bird: 150 ₪

Full Price: 170 

6:30 PM – Panels and lectures in Hebrew (requires registration in advance!): To sign up for panels please choose the correct ticket type (no additional charge). The number of seats is limited.

7:00 PM – Exhibits and live performances in the citadel yard.

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קו מקווקו לאפס אחד

Panel Discussions and Lectures | 6:30pm – 8:00 pm

The Right to be Remembered, the Right to Forgotten | Wednesday, November 27, 2019 | 6:30 pm
In the digital world, stories about us live forever. In an age in which the internet remembers everything – every insult and every comment – do we stand a chance of learning to forgive? Through examining cases from Israel and around the world where “the right to be forgotten” is an issue – we will think about time and memory, about mistakes and the ability to ask for forgiveness, and about the society in which we live.
Moderator: Ido Kenan
Panelists: Dr. Tamar Berenblum, Lawyer Dana Yaffe; Yuval Goldfus; Daniel Landau
In cooperation with the Federmann Cyber Security Center, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Sublime Digital – Art. Religion. Technology | Thursday, November 28, 2019
Technology is associated with progress and rationality, but its historic origins are rooted in religion, mythology, and magic. We should return to these roots in order to understand the contemporary perceptions of the virtual world, robots, and artificial intelligence. As the connections between technology and the ancient city of Jerusalem deepen, so the need arises to ask new questions about the connection between past and present, the visible and hidden.
Moderator: Ido Kenan
Panelists: Dr. Roy Brand, Dr. Carmel Vaisman, Dr. Eyal Gruss
קו מקווקו לאפס אחד

Live Performances

Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
Japanese Artist working in Berlin. In Israel for the first time with an audio-visual performance – “subassemblies”. An audiovisual concert examining the relationships between nature and manmade objects, through examining and stretching perspectives of architectural dimensions. The performance combines works based on 3D scans and photogrammetry of human architecture sites, archeology and nature – distorting and reconstructing them. The performance combines three-dimensional layers of data, which are taken apart, and reassembled to create a new timeline of layers of order and chaos, exposing the strength of both art and nature.
His works have been featured at the Venice Biennale, the Tate Modern Museum, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

 Freeka Tet (FR)
French digital artist working in New York. In Israel for the first time, with his audio-visual performance – “Internet Scrapped”. A performance with a unique language, utilizing sensors, algorithms, game engines, face-recognition technology, prosthetics, hacking, written code, and performance, blurring the boundaries between artistic expression and technical execution.
His work has been shown at Google annual conferences, Art Basel: Miami and more.

Ofer Smilansky (BE)
An audio-visual artist born in Israel and currently living and working in Belgium, Smilansky will presents his Performance – “Beasty Tears”. Through techniques of sound, spotlights, projection, LED lights and fog, he creates a powerful and emotional experience, which takes the viewer on a journey teeming with kicking melodies and synthesized sounds and sights, creating a dynamic experience.

Wackelkontakt (Israel)
A Jerusalem based audio-visual ensemble, presenting a bloodcurdling audio-visual saga, inspired by music styles such as industrial, club, hip-hop, pop, heavy metal and elevator music. Light, space, sounds and the audience are the raw materials for an active and manipulative piece which brings the viewer to self-criticism. The existence of pop addiction, consumer culture, and existential anxiety are the basis of the ensembles creations in which the audience meets a multi-censual flow, which you can swim against or give in to.

Water Knives / Cymagic / Danielle Parsay (Israel)
Water Knives in collaboration with the video artist Danielle Parsay and the artist Mordechai Braunstein (Cymagic). A digital-art project created in order to translate sounds into the movement of water in a technique, which enables hearing impaired and deaf people to enjoy music. The incorporation of the psychedelic digital sound of Water Knives in this way make for a performance where the audience is invited to experience music in a completely new way.

RaNi / Ann Deych (Israel)
RaNi (Rani Megido) is a singer, producer and activist. He created numerous works of art, films, sound scores for cinema and television and sound installations with unique textures and soundscapes. Ann Deych is a new-media artist in the field of video art, Video Mapping, VR and more. RaNi and Ann will present their piece – “Un_De-formed”, an audio-visual composition with an unknown ending, creating a correlation between natures formed patterns and the connections of mathematical models in musical harmonies and visual collages.

XEN / Mejadra Eyes (Israel)
XEN is the queen of dark electronic, walking on a thin line between madness and naiveté. With minimalistic and dim sounds filled with the influences of punk, pop and techno. Produced by Red Axes (Dori Sadovnik). Shlomit Yaakov is a VJ and video artist. In the Festival, they will perform with a colorful psychedelic show, on the borderline between an urban night stroll and a delusional desert trip.

Daniel Slabosky / PlanktON (Israel)
Daniel Slabosky is a musician, producer and sound artist. Slabosky recently released his second EP – “Five Minutes”, with Uganda music label. Arik Futterman (PlaktON) is a video creator a VJ, exploring the relationships and rifts between the analog and digital. The two come together in a special performance, which will give a visual expression to “five Minutes” – a euphoric, dark and extroverted creation that self-defines the boundary between indie-folk and electronic music and is characterized by anxiety, alienation and boredom, wrapped in synthesized melodies and a beat echoing through space.

Rejoicer / Jengo (Israel / US)
The instrumental hip hop personality and head of the label – Raw Tapes, Rejoicer (Yuval Havkin, Buttering Trio) together with the animator and surrealist virtuoso Jengo (Guy Glikstein) in a particularly smokey and fluid session of beats and visual delirium. Coming to us with an impressive audio-visual performance from Rejoicer’s latest album – Energy Dreams. The visuals created by Jango, inspired by the imprint of dreams on the fluidity of consciousness. The spectacular mini-scenes created by Jengo, blend elements that responds to Rejoicer’s unique instruments and rhythms bringing to the limelight the fluidity of time and the challenges it presents.

Art Installations

Refik Anadol (US)
Media artist born in Istanbul, living and working in Los Angeles. At the Festival he will present his work – “Melting Memories”: it invites viewers to experience the visual translation of the processes of human memory, giving us a peek at the cognitive processes in the human brain. In collaboration with ‘Neuroscape Laboratory’, The University of California, Anadol collected EEG information and data of cognitive processes from hundreds of subjects, recorded them experiencing childhood memories. This information was used as a foundation for machine learning algorithms that created an art-work interpreting mesmerizing occurences in the human brain.

A cutting edge, visual art & design studio, which examines the meeting point between the digital abstraction and unfettered realism. At the festival, a series of video art works from the studio are presented. The establishment of ZEITGUISED spans digital animation, poetry of material and shape, hallucinatory narratives of inanimate objects, outlandish characters, artificial behavior patterns, perpetual dynamic systems, physical matter and surfaces designed by algorithms, and synthetic prosthetics crafted for post-humans.

Quayola (UK)
Visual artist working in London. Quayola examines the clash and the tension as well as points of similarity between the organic and the artificial, the real and the abstract, the old and the new, and the dialogue between them. These topics are investigated through photography, geometric shapes, time-lapse digital sculptures and immersive audio-visual displays and performances.

Danijel Šivinjski Is a digital artist born in Croatia who examines the connection between dimensions of light, sound, space and spirit. In his works he strives to challenge accepted outlooks and create transcendental visions and experiences. For the festival, he is presenting a site-specific video Installation called ‘illuport’ which combines the ancient backdrop of the citadel, LED construction, projections and smoke machines.

Rachella Alcalay (Israel)
A Jerusalem based Installation and performance artist, will present her work “lower skies” – an installation of true to size paper molds of graves, copied from the Mamilla ancient muslim graveyard. The molds act as shells containing within them either a projection, object, sound or image. The heavy material the graves are made from are the physical representation of a memory. While Rachella’s shells stand in contrast to the graves, seeking to symbolize the object in relation to the process that it signifies – a transition, transformation or shedding as a metaphor for the process of decomposition of physical mass and the erosion of our memories.

Tom Love Studio (Israel)
Founded by Tom Love and Yoshi Kame, a Multi-disciplinary studio based in Tel Aviv, which specializes in branding, product design, lighting and space design. Their work is based on the research between light, space and matter. During the festival they will present a site specific light installation called “the light call”, a visual interpretation of the Muazzin prayer. “A Lighthouse on a shoreless mountain. Awakening, calling for the best of deeds.” (Quote from Hathan, the Muslim call to prayer)

Adi Tako (Israel)
A graphic designer, Bezalel Academy alumni, studying image design, Visual Language and image making. In his audio-visual Installation, Between Heaven and Earth, Tako aims to bridge the gap between the visible and the hearsay through weaving of repetitive video clips made into a loop collage, in which metaphors are intertwined and stacked one atop the other, presenting our never ending human attempt of grasping the skies above us, a space that represents the gap between reality and imagination, as a system of transformative visions.

*Niio Is a platform that connects digital culture by enabling and stimulating the market for video and new media art. Using a curated distribution platform that empowers a global network of leading artists, galleries, libraries and institutions to self-publish media art forms which can be borrowed or acquired and then viewed on connected display devices anywhere in the world.


Performance Line Up

27.11 28.11
RaNi  / Ann Deych  RaNi  / Ann Deych
Daniel Slabosky / PlanktON  Rejoicer / Jengo
Freeka Tet (FR)  Ofer Smilansky (BE)
XEN / Mejadra Eyes  Water Knives / Cymagic / Danielle Parsay
Wackelkontakt  Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)

קו מקווקו לאפס אחד