The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem is proud to present the documentary project 50 YEAR 50 FACES in honor of Jerusalem Day, 2017.

50 YEAR 50 FACES presents the different faces of the city through the people of Jerusalem past and present and their stories about the reunification of the city.

Through a series of short films and touching written narratives, each one reveals their experience from that monumental week in Jerusalem.  Some of the participants in the project were only children or youth 50 years ago. Others fought in the battles or served as nurses and doctors and some just happened to be there “by chance”.  The stories presented reflect the Jerusalem of 1967, with stories being told by residents of the Old City of Jerusalem as well as from the new city.

Among the 50 stories presented in 50 YEAR 50 FACES is the story of a paratrooper who threw a note over the wall of the Tower of David in the hope that someone would deliver it to his family up north, the story of a nun who opened the monastery to Jordanian soldiers, the story of children playing a game while the Jordanian Legion fired above their heads, the story of the soldier who  chiseled out the street sign that had been placed of the Western Wall, the story of an actress who acted in the controversial satire by Hanoch Levin  “You, Me and the Next War”, or the story of a lost medal belonging to a Jordanian soldier and how it was returned to its owner.

50 YEAR 50 FACES is produced and directed by Moshe Alfi, himself an 11th generation Jerusalemite.  Alfi insured that the voices of 1967 would be heard, and included in the project are Israelis and Arabs, soldiers, soldiers and civilians, men and women, Jews, Christians and Muslims. As such it is a multi-faceted fascinating documentary.

Videos are screened in the original language of the participants (Hebrew, Arabic and English) with subtitles.

 הרשות לפיתוח ירושלים      הקרן לירושלים     אלפים הפקות

Production team

Director and Producer: Moshe  Alafi

Content Editor: Tamar Berliner – Tower of David Museum

Photographer: Moshe  Churi

Editor: Tamar Gan-Zvi

Animation: Doodi Evan

Research: Inbar  Josef-Dan

Moldet Schreiber: Ayelet Sack

Shulamit Liphshitz: Recorder

Shuki Zuta

Assistant Photographer: Arik Kaufman

Makeup: Revital Cohen

Hadas Sinai: Production Manager

Matan Drumer: Production Assistants

Ori  Kopel: Sharon Teva







Insurance: Hirshovitz Pitronot Jerusalem

Production: Alafim Productions Jerusalem

Tower of David Museum staff

Director and Chief Curator: Eilat Lieber

 Deputy Director and Head of Cultural Events: Tamar Berliner

Chief Financial Officer: Uriel Dagan

Director of Maintenance & Infrastructure Development: Yehuda Vaknin

Director of Marketing: Neta Yaron

Public Relations: Shirley Itzhaki, Caroline Shapiro:

Director of Education Department: Dini Avraham

Director of Development and English editor: Rose Ginosar

Archive Manager: Hamutal Menasheof

Text Editing and Translation: Ehud Maimon, Osnat Shvager

Website and Still photography: Ricky Rachman

Advertising and New Media: Shay Amiran-Pugachov

Production Coordination: Nurit Shalom, Michal Atias, Dany Kinreich