Yael Meyuhas

Members of the family were among the first Jews to move outside the Old City walls and build houses in Silwan

The first Meyuhas family members who have arrived to Jerusalem came in the 16th century, after the expulsion from Spain, and in the early 17th century. Throughout the centuries, many of the Rabbis and leaders of the Jewish community had come from the family. Towards the end of the 19th century members of the family were among the first to come out the Old City walls, and they built themselves houses in Silwan, “Kefar HaShilo’ach”, which they had to leave in 1939 due to the worsening of the security condition.
Yael Meyuhas was 13 years old in 1967, and after the war she joined her father and other relatives in their attempt on finding their old house in Silwan. Her father, who grew up in the village, remembered the old passageways. One of the village boys pointed out the house for them, the house’s name was kept by the village people, who called it “Dir Abu Manchas” (the house of Meyuhas).
Out of the house where the Meyuhas family used to live came an old lady of the Gozlan family, who hasn’t escaped to Jordan with her family after the war. She saw Yael’s uncle and mistakenly recognized him as the grandfather, Avraham Bechor Meyuhas, which she had remembered since he was a known Rabbi and was resolving conflicts between the Arab villagers as well. The lady gave the family ancient books that they left behind in the house, and she found and kept them for all these years. In addition, she brought to Yosef, Yael’s father, a particularly moving document that she kept all these years: a letter of thanks written by the Yemenite family and rabbis (who also lived in the village), in which they thanked the Arab Gozlan family, who kept the Jewish residents of the village from being harmed by the Arab rioters. “We, the undersigned residents of Silwan village, forwarding announce openly that we must express our gratitude to the dear and warm hearted gentleman Hajj Mohamed Gozlan, one of our respectable Arab brothers, residents of Kafr Hashiloach Silwan, and his good hearted friends, who showed an outstanding humane treatment to their Jewish neighbors residents of the Shiloach neighborhood during the riots of 1921, and did not allow groups of rioters who walked around our place to cause us any harm, despite of our isolated location and the distance between us and the city of Jerusalem. And to this day, this relationship prevails between us and our neighbors, there is no burst and nobody enters or leaves a scream our streets, and we wish our Arab brothers inhabitants of other places which are in Israel will learn from them to cultivate a friendship relationship between them and their Jewish neighbors so they can see blessing in their deeds.”
One thing the elderly Mrs. Gozlan would not give Joseph Meyuhas-the mezuzah that remained at her door. Joseph asked for the mezuzah, and he was willing to pay for it – but she declared: “Hedda Jib Hir” – it brings luck. The mezuzah remained in its place.