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Secrets from the Editing Room Floor

SECRETS from the Editing Room Floor: Behind the Scenes of the Renovation Process

“Secrets from the Cutting Room Floor: Behind the Scenes of the Renovation Process” is an event held in June 2023 as part of the opening events of the renewed Tower of David Jerusalem Museum. The event gave a peek at the multi-year process of improvements at the renewed museum, in a series of lectures focusing on the fields of design, curation, direction, media and technology, architecture, preservation, accessibility, archaeology and more. The lectures were presented by creators and experts including Ari Folman, Ben Shani, Naftaly Gliksberg, Eilat Lieber, Yisca Harani, Orna Cohen, Amit Hai Cohen, Hanan and Tal Roi DeLange, Naomi Seixas and others. Here we have gathered for you the lectures, for viewing on demand.


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watch list

Secrets from the editing room – an opening conversation (English)

Naomi Seixas, Eilat Lieber, Rose Ginosar, Yotam Halperin

Accessibility in the Citadel

Reut Kozak, Director for Accessibility and Inclusion

Longest Timeline in the World (English)

Naomi Seixas, Local Projects, New York | Rose Ginosar, Chief Editor

Modern Times

Ben Shani, Director and Creator

Holidays throughout the Year (Presentation)

Amit Hai Cohen, Producer and Creator

2,000 year old Layer Cake

Ravit Nenner-Soriano, Archaeology Curator

Foundations for the Future; Education and Dialog in Jerusalem

Yotam Halperin, Director of the Educational Center

The Design Concept

Architect Tal Roi DeLange and Hanan DeLange | DeLange Studio

Brief History of Jerusalem

Ari Folman, director and creator

Preserving the Symbol of Jerusalem

Yehuda Vaknin, director of infrastructure development at the Tower of David, invites Yossi Vaknin from the Israel Antiquities Authority and engineer Yehuda Schaeffer

From carved tablets to electronic tablets – history and innovation in museum exhibits

Yoav Cohen, creative and digital media director | Sharon Zoref, digital media producer | Inbal Shimon, Education department director

Tower of David Days; a Story in 5 Minutes

Naftaly Gliksberg, producer and creator

The Role of Museums Today (English)

James Snyder, Tower of David Steering Committee

Winds of Change, Strategy of the Changes at the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum from the 20th century into the 21st century

Eilat Lieber, Director and Chief Curator

Holy Geography and the Hole in the Bagel – completing the Madaba Map

Yisca Harani, Expert on Christianity and Christians in the Holy Land

Museum Concept; Renewal at the Citadel

Tal Kobo, Curator of the permanent exhibit

Renewed Branding

Kfir Malka, designer and visual communication | Kfir Malka Studio

Architecture and Accessibility

Yotam Cohen Sagi – Kimmel Eshkolot talking about architecture and accessibility.