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תרומות מגדל דוד

Support Families from the South and North

Sponsor quality museum activities for families from the Southern and Northern borders

We can’t do it alone – let’s do it together!

We all know what horrific experiences families from both the Southern and Northern borders of Israel are experiencing. Thankfully, most have been relocated to safe havens in the center of the country.  The out pouring of help from Israelis, Jewish communities abroad and many, many concerned people have been incredible. Many of the families are here, in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.  Their immediate needs are being taken care of – food, shelter, clothing, toys, counseling.  However, there is still a very real need to help these families regain their sense of self and this is how you can continue to help.

$50 – family entrance to the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum
$100 – salary of a museum guide to lead a group of families through the museum
$700 – a 3-hour “Jerusalem Experience” activity for groups of families at their emergency hotels
$2,800 – ensures the salary of a tour guide tour every day in the Museum for the next month
$5,000 – sponsors entrance for 500 families to the Museum
$10,000 – sponsors entrance for 1000 families to the Museum

Children are children – they need relief, organization, play time and entertainment. Parents need a break knowing that their children are close by and engaged and not on their telephone screens.

The Tower of David Jerusalem Museum has been open from the second day of the war, providing free transportation by chartered buses, entrance and much needed relief for visiting families from the South. We have already hosted hundreds of adults and children and are continuing to do so.

We also want to bring quality family activities directly to emergency hotels. Many families are still traumatized and do not want to leave their hotels and we are there for them. We are giving families a “Jerusalem Experience – a 3-hour story-time, musical activity in their hotel that includes creative projects and inter-active games led by our museum guides. They can explore Jerusalem even though they are still in their hotels.

And it’s not just families. Elderly residents in assisted living are once again feeling locked in and once again suffer loneliness and fear. Our museum guides have already come to living centers and will continue to offer lectures and presentations to our oldest citizens on a range of topics about Jerusalem

All these initiatives also have a wider impact – they provide a livelihood for Israeli guides who have lost all income, literally overnight, with the abrupt stop in tourism because of the war.

We need you to be part of this effort.  You can sponsor an activity, experience or guide and bring some relief to Israeli families.

We can’t do it alone – let’s do it together!