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תצפית מגדל פצאל

Phasael Tower Observation Point

Jerusalem 360°

At the top of the Phasael Tower at a height of 777 meters above sea level, sits the most beautiful observation point in Jerusalem, offering a 360° expansive view over the east and the west – the Old City and the New City, the past and the future. From the top of this tower built by King Herod about 2000 years ago, there is a commanding view over holy sites, neighborhoods and major buildings in Jerusalem: the Temple Mount and behind it the Mount of Olives and Mt. Scopus, the Old City’s quarters and the special sites in them which have drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, neighborhoods and buildings in the new and renewing city. This is the opportunity to see from one vantage point the places that spawned the stories that made Jerusalem into an important, holy city for so many people.

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