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Adventures in the Fortress of Time - From home! - In Hebrew

The Tower of David’s interactive escape room game comes to your home

Some Important Details

  • תאריכון

    Date and Time

    Anytime you want, at home

  • מחיר



  • 2 כוכבים

    Important – in order to play you need the following items

    Smart phone
    Internet connection
    Home computer
    Printer and scissors

Adventures in the Fortress of Time – Now from your home!

A time traveler is stuck in different historical periods of Jerusalem, and has left mysterious clues. You need to help the traveler fix his time machine, bring him back to the future, and save the timeline. The interactive game includes riddles and challenges for the entire family bringing the museum galleries, the ancient Citadel, and the magic of Jerusalem to you in your home.


In order to play you need a home computer, cellphone, printer and pair of scissors.

1.Download the presentation file and open the presentation on your home computer.
To download file press here

2. Print the game tools, cut them out according to the directions, and assemble a wonderful game kit.
To download the game kit press here

3. Scan the QR code on your cellphone (it may take time for the game to load).

Welcome! Now your cellphone is connected to play the game “Adventures in the Fortress of Time”. Follow the directions there, use the virtual tour presentation on your home computer screen in order to “move” between the museum galleries, and use the game kit according to the directions on your cellphone in order to solve the riddles.

Let’s go. Good luck!

Tickets purchased on the website can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, but not less than 7 business days from the date of the event. Requests for ticket cancellations must be sent in writing to: [email protected]

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