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Playing in Jerusalem: I didn’t know that!

Turn Jerusalem into an interactive playing field

Some Important Details

  • זמן


    Play whenever you want
    Tour duration is about 2.5 hours, it’s up to you
    Recommended especially in the evening and at night

  • מחיר


    129 NIS per family
    Because the game is cellphone based we recommend authorizing 3 participants

  • ללא מדריך

    Independent Tour

    Independent guiding using video clips, recordings, written material and puzzles
    In Hebrew

Turn Jerusalem into an interactive playing field

The walls of Jerusalem are built of stones and what connects them together are the stories of the people who lived in this beautiful city during various periods. At sunset, when the city is washed in golden light, embark on a tour around the walls into the night. Walk from the Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate and enter the Western Wall plaza. Find clues and discover the story of the walls – both the well-known and the lesser known. A game of experiential challenges for individuals, family and groups through your cell phone! A complete combination of a beautiful Jerusalem nighttime tour and learning history through your feet.

The activity is structured similar to a treasure hunt with quality content. This fun game tour for the entire family can be accessed on an app on your cell phone. The tour will take you through the streets and alleyways of the city, facing questions and challenges that will encourage you to observe, to think together, to gain experiences, and to take pictures in fun, picturesque places. Play as a couple, a family, with friends, by yourself, or as a competition between groups! Whether you know Jerusalem well or have only visited a few times, this game is for you. So come on – let’s go!

The game is in conjunction with and operated by the tour application GO BeeTravel.

Upgrade your visit to Jerusalem