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התנדבות גדול

Independent tours - Audio Guide

For centuries, the Tower of David Fortress was the gateway to Jerusalem. The fortress has been inhabited for generations by the rulers of the city; architectural efforts have been invested in it, battles have been fought around its walls, and crucial historical moments have taken place. In the courtyard of the citadel and within its walls, you can see archeological and structural finds from the various periods, and get to know the rich story of Jerusalem up close.

Come tour with our audio guides:

A Bird’s Eye View of Jerusalem – A new audio tour route entirely located in the open air of the extensive citadel that invites visitors to get to know Jerusalem, and discover how the city has changed throughout history. The tour includes unique historical models, as well as archaeological finds located throughout the citadel.

Herod’s Palace and the Kishle – We invite you on an exciting journey to explore the city’s past, through the major events and the narratives which shaped its history; a journey which begins at the Tower of David, and continues through the Citadel’s moat to the Kishle. In 1999, the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted an extensive archaeological dig in the Kishle, and uncovered the secrets of the city of Jerusalem from the days of the First Temple until modern times.

ירושלים ממעוף הציפור