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Jerusalem - Preservation and Renewal

Lectures about Jerusalem architecture and the renewal project at the Museum

Some Important Details

  • תאריכון

    Date and Time

    Thursday, February 22

  • מחיר


    50 NIS

  • Location

    Tower of David Jerusalem Museum

On Thursday, February 22, we will hold an evening of lectures focusing on architecture and building in Jerusalem, and the renovation project at the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum. The meeting opens “Our Streets”, a weekend dedicated to Jerusalem architecture.

Event is offered in conjunction with the exhibit “Street Games”, an interactive architecture experience, inspired by the books of architect David Kroyanker.

Lecture Schedule:

4:00-5:00pm – Come tour: the Tower of David – Preservation and Renewal – the Museum’s Renewal Project 2020-2023

5:00pm – Reception and coffee

5:20pm – Introduction: Eilat Lieber, Director and Chief Curator, Tower of David Jerusalem Museum

5:30pm – Architect Jacob Molho: Winds of Change – Building and Urban Mosaic Amalgamation in the City

6:15pm – Isaac Shweky: “Gatekeepers” – Test Cases of Urban Preservation in Jerusalem in the Last 2 Decades

7:00pm – Architect and Curator Dana Gordon: Architecture as a Children’s Game in the Exhibit “Street Games”

7:30pm – Concluding remarks

The evening is in honor of Isaac Shweky, Director of the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in the city, on the occasion of his retirement.

Tickets purchased on the website can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, but not less than 7 business days from the date of the event. Requests for ticket cancellations must be sent in writing to: [email protected]

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