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The Spanish Community

Some Important details

  • תאריכון

    Date and time

    Hebrew only:

    June 28 | 10:00am

    Tour Length: 2 hrs

  • מחיר


    40 NIS

  • מדריך


    Edna Assis

In 1492, the Jews of Spain were exiled; most of them arrived to the Ottoman Empire, others to North Africa, Italy, and other places. With the conquest of the land of Israel by the Ottomans, the way was opened for arrival in Jerusalem as well. From the 16th century, the Spanish, Ladino-speaking community became a large, dominant influence in the city, and exercised hegemony. In the Jewish Quarter, the language that ruled was Ladino (Spanish-Hebrew), the music was Romance, and the food was borekitas, and huevos haminados.

Tour the Spanish community in the Jewish Quarter, and learn about their rabbis, customs, families, holiday traditions, and daily life. Visit the Ramban synagogue, pass by the Beit El Yeshiva, enter the Four Sephardi Synagogues, and the Sephardic House.

Meeting point: Zion Gate

Tour includes entrance to synagogues, please dress modestly (no sleeveless shirts or shorts)

Advance registration required | Number of spaces is limited

Photo credit: Synagogue Yohanan ben Zakkaï Olevy

Tickets purchased on the website can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, but not less than 7 business days from the date of the event. Requests for ticket cancellations must be sent in writing to: [email protected]

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