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Contemporary Israeli Art in the Kishle

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    Opening hours of the Museum

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    Included in price of Museum admission

  • Location

    The Kishle, Tower of David Jerusalem Museum

For the first time in the Kishle space, a contemporary art exhibition presents works from Israel’s leading artists.

This monumental space was created as a result of extensive archeological excavations carried out in the building that have revealed the history of Jerusalem beginning with the days of the First Temple. It was used as a prison during the British mandate and includes artifacts from different periods in history, including the remains of King Herod’s palace. It is part of the Tower of David Jerusalem Museum complex and is currently in the planning stages of a restoration and renovation project.

The “Kishle” is a space that disconnects the visitor from time and place. The exposed stone walls, separating the inside from the outside, allow individual rays of light to penetrate, evoking a sense of promise and the anticipation of an unknown adventure. Among the ancient stone fortifications, the exhibition presents contemporary Israeli art that creates an exciting dialog focusing on the significance of the idea of “Umbilicus Mundi” and presents a personal and artistic interpretation to this ancient concept.

Umbilicus” is a multi-voice, multi-sensory exhibition that is both physical and metaphorical, and attempts to create a system of personal and universal symbols connecting to the ideas of navel, midpoint and the world. Through different techniques – video, painting, presentations, and sound – works of Hannan Abu-Hussein, Sahar Azimi, Sharon Balaban, Matan Daskal, Yehudit Sasportas, Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, and Lihi Turjeman intertwine and act in synergy in the ancient space.

Artists presented in the exhibit:

Hannan Abu-Hussein, Sahar Azimi, Sharon Balaban, Matan Daskal, Yehudit Sasportas, , Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, and Lihi Turjeman

Curators: Dr. Adina Kamien, Malu Zayon

The exhibition is included in the Museum price of admission and is open during Museum opening hours. Entrance to the exhibit is through Gallery 1, “On the Shores of Eternity”.

Note: The Kishle is an historic building and entrance is by stairway. The exhibition is not wheelchair accessible.

The tour is subject to a minimum number of participants | The Tower of David Museum retains the right to cancel the tour for any reason with 2 days advanced notice while giving an alternative date or an alternative tour. Tickets purchased on the website can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, but not less than 7 business days from the date of the event. Requests for ticket cancellations must be sent in writing to: [email protected]

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